A tick bit Liz Schmitz in her Atlanta yard in 1991. She contracted Lyme disease. Despite no travel history to the northeast, five labs confirmed her diagnosis. Two other tests found Borrelia Burgdorferi DNA. She co-founded and is president of the Georgia Lyme Disease Association. Liz works with medical providers, scientists, politicians, and public health officials. She seeks funding for research in the Southeast. Liz has hosted presentations to communities, medical groups, school students, and scout groups. The Georgia Lyme Disease Association provides patient support and educational/preventative information to create awareness of tick-borne illnesses in the South. GALDA volunteers have submitted proclamations to the governor and hosted Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Awareness Programs at the Georgia State Capitol during Lyme Disease Awareness Month for two consecutive years. Our volunteers have appeared on radio shows, and in newspapers, magazines and television reports.

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