Susann Taylor Shier is a dynamic and gifted author, teacher, and intuitive counselor committed to inspiring the people of this world to access and live from the magnificence of their soul gifts. Susann invites you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self in her book trilogy: Soul Mastery - Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul, Soul Radiance - Bring Your Soul Riches to Life and Soul Reunion - The Return Home from Separation. She has been featured on numerous television and radio shows and presents across the US and internationally as an intuitive counselor for the heart and soul. 
Contact her: www.soulmastery.net or by email: susann@soulmastery.net

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Soul DNA and Unification with the Divine
Jennifer O’Neill, leading expert in the field of Soul DNA has been receiving and channeling information on Soul DNA for the last several years. As a well-respected Spiritual Teacher, Channeler and Intuitive Consultant her clients include other psychics, healers, Kahu and spiritual teachers. She offers psychic readings and spiritual guidance to people around the world of all religions and faiths. At an early age Jennifer realized her gift and made a lifelong commitment to sharing it with those in need of inspiration, guidance and healing. Jennifer has over twenty years of professional experience in the Spiritual/Metaphysical industry and has written and published many articles in the field of Metaphysics. Her intuitive gifts and insight have also made her well sought after as a business consultant. As a Channeler and Spiritual Teacher she spends her time teaching people about Soul DNA and how to live a happier life! 
Contact her: www.hawaiihealings.com or by email: jennifer@jenniferopsychic.com

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Soul DNA and Unification with the Divine
Angela Myers, ARNP has over 30 years of nursing experience in hospitals, home health, psychiatric, and academic settings. She completed her Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) requirements in 1996 through Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. Eric Myers has two BS degrees and is a biofeedback technician. For the last 10 years Angela and husband Eric have operated a holistic functional practice using traditional and alternative medicine. Eric operates the QXCI/SCIO machine and teaches the use of it. The machine is used to assist Angela in determining treatment plans for her patients as well as for wellness, stress reduction, and energy correction.

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Is There a Connection between Interstitial Cystitis and Lyme disease?
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Shelly Kalnitsky saw a twenty minute feature story on the dangers and potential risks of cell phone usage on ABC’s 20/20. The show interviewed lobbyists and wireless representatives, who all denied there was a problem. Kalnitsky was compelled to learn more. He began researching the world news regarding cell phones and discovered that information abroad included studies conducted by prominent scientists, who reached very different conclusions than what is being reported in the U.S. Kalnitsky got very concerned, especially about the danger to children, misinformation about hands-free kits, and a lack of independent and unbiased reporting on cell phone issues. He established the Cell Phone Radiation News Bureau (www.cprnews.com), a one-stop information center and source for learning more about the potential health risks from cell and cordless phones. This bureau is intended to keep the public consumer informed and to prevent future health-related problems from cell phone use.

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Is Cell Phone Radiation Affecting our Health?