Cheryl Williams from Cairo, GA left the corporate world in 2006 to care for her mother after she had a stroke. Then her mom was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2010. During this time she began to realize the importance of putting the purest, nontoxic foods into our bodies. A friend introduced her to information about Jordan Rubin who was healed from numerous illnesses. From there she became part of his company Beyond Organics which has changed her health. She was able to quit her rheumatoid arthritis medication and feels much better. The SueroViv (body cleanse and appetite suppressant), green grass fed beef, dark chocolate with toasted flaxseeds, cheese, and Amasi are all Beyond Organics products that have helped her change her diet, life, and her world. She is married to David, son Matt is married to Alecia, and they have two sons Hunter and Fisher.

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Thoughtful Approach to Healthy Eating


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