Dan Towey has been in the wellness industry for 23 years and a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist for 20 while also studying Naturopathic Medicine. He is a wellness Educator and Well-Being Coach to his clients and customers. Though a highly competitive athlete for 25 years in triathlons, it was his own personal journey to finding and maintaining holistic balance that assisted him in conquering Lyme disease, undiagnosed for 38 years. His approach that “Health-ing people is Wealth-ing People” forged the discovery of the successful combination of tools that are unique, simple, profound, and have universal application for the newborn to the most senior of citizens. These include Cranial Release Technique™, Access Consciousness Bars ™, and Kangen Water ™. When combined together, they have been HUGE missing pieces of the puzzle for achieving wellness for clients with multitudes of symptoms.

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