Jennifer O’Neill, leading expert in the field of Soul DNA has been receiving and channeling information on Soul DNA for the last several years. As a well-respected Spiritual Teacher, Channeler and Intuitive Consultant her clients include other psychics, healers, Kahu and spiritual teachers. She offers psychic readings and spiritual guidance to people around the world of all religions and faiths. At an early age Jennifer realized her gift and made a lifelong commitment to sharing it with those in need of inspiration, guidance and healing. Jennifer has over twenty years of professional experience in the Spiritual/Metaphysical industry and has written and published many articles in the field of Metaphysics. Her intuitive gifts and insight have also made her well sought after as a business consultant. As a Channeler and Spiritual Teacher she spends her time teaching people about Soul DNA and how to live a happier life! 
Contact her: www.hawaiihealings.com or by email: jennifer@jenniferopsychic.com

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Soul DNA and Unification with the Divine


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