Maureen Yoder is the lead teacher for the middle school language arts at Tallahassee’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). She loves her profession, teaching English, and working with young people.  She loved this profession so much that she worked hard to help create the charter school.  She has been there for over ten years, and, as part of the founding board, helped write and promote and recruit for their charter, all to be able to teach creatively and within a small, family atmosphere.  The students in middle school are hungry for knowledge and experience.  They are a privilege to work with and she is so happy to be among those who also love to learn.  At SAS they believe that learning is life-long and multi-dimensional. Ms. Yoder loves to read, to write, and to travel. She is dramatic by nature. She has a wonderful supportive family.   

To contact her: yoderm@leonschools.net

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