Michael Fitzpatrick is a leading historian and speaker in the field of alcoholism, specializing in the development of the Twelve Step movement. He co-authored with William G. Borchert 1000 Years of Soberity: 20 People x 50 Years. To write this book Mr. Fitzpatrick drew from his personal audio archived recordings of the Twelve Step pioneers, which may be the world’s largest collection. Michael has another book We Recovered Too: The Family Groups’ Beginnings in the Pioneers’ Own Words that is about the history of Al-anon. In this interview Michael will talk about his two new books Living the Twelve Traditions in Today’s World and Dr. Bob & Bill W. Speak. Mr. Fitzpatrick also drew from his personal audio archived recordings to write these books.

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AA’s Traditions and Founders
The History of Al-anon



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