Nicholas Corrin as a child was very curious, always asking questions. He still does. He wants to understand the deeper reasons for things being the way they are, not just respond to external “facts” as they may present themselves to us. For this reason, he may have tended to be a thorn in the side of the establishment, challenging and occasionally mocking received views anchored in conformism and rigid thinking. The air outside the box has always appealed to him as sweeter and more invigorating than the stale stuff inside it. His training at school, both in Europe and the US, has been long and diverse, spanning literature, medicine, history, art and foreign languages. But most of all, he have learned what he knows from direct observation of nature. In a world of “specialists”, he seeks out the middle ground, the metaphorical vantage point from which the entire landscape can be surveyed. Only from here can the bigger picture be comprehended, and the various broken parts re-integrated.

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Letting Go, Persevering, Preventing, and Listening

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