Peter McCarthy is a nationally board certified traditional naturopath and CEO of Life Energy Holistic Partners, an integrative stress management and wellness consulting practice based in Helotes, TX. He is a highly respected expert in his field and today he also serves as CEO of AHI Productions, an Austin-based media company which is creating NHN TV, the planet’s first broadcast-quality, Web-based TV network devoted to natural health and green living. Peter was a pilot of B-52 bombers, commander of a squadron, and Pentagon Air Force aide during his distinguished military career so he knows about stress. Upon retiring from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel, he joined Southwest Airlines as Captain/First Officer. He retired from Southwest in 2009 to continue his campaign to educate people about stress. He’s flown almost 17,000 hours. Peter knows the effects of stress first hand and has seen what it has done to his family, friends, coworkers, clients and the nation at large.

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Adrenaline Nation: Chronic Stress is Bankrupting us


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