Rita Kaufman co-author of Change to a Positive Mindset and Extend your Lifeline has 32 years of experience as an educator. She developed the Share-A-Smile Project – A Joyful Journey to Miles of Smiles for ages 3-5, Pre-K through Grade 2, and Grades 3-6. The project presents stress-free, fun filled learning activities that promote social interaction, establish healthy relationships, and positively energize a child’s thinking, attitude, and behavior. Her inspiration to write poetry is the result of her exposure to Edith Namm’s positively energized principles in her Brooklyn College classroom. It is her hope that the poems that she wrote on her journey to Miles of Smiles, Positive Energy Power, Hope, Health and Happiness will empower the reader to achieve a positive state of well-being.

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Changing to a Positive Mindset and Extending your Lifeline


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