Ruth Kriz is a Nurse Practitioner who suffered with IC herself for 11 years but has been well now for 18 years. She taught nursing for many years from LPNs to Master's level Nurse Practitioners and in 2005 opened her practice in Washington, DC to help IC patients. In addition to utilizing broth culture results, she addresses depressed immune function, nutrition, and other underlying infections that damage the bladder wall and depress immune function. Adrenal, thyroid, hormonal issues, allergy, and gut issues are also evaluated and treated if necessary. Phone appointments are available. Her office number is 202-714-2415 and her work email is ruthkriz@cox.net.

tammy boelman
10/12/2012 15:51

i have had ic for 20 years i am interested in your treatments.

10/14/2012 14:51

Hello Tammy, you can reach Ruth Kriz at 202-714-2415 or email her at ruthkriz@cox.net. Let me know how it goes. Her suggestions tremendously helped my IC as well as advanced cell training did. If you want further discussion contact me by email: drmelaniebarton@gmail.com. Hope you get better. Dr. Melanie

04/22/2014 04:33

My own loved one and i discovered on the internet video a person Gateway concerning IC and also Lyme health problem. We've each besides celiac sprue. My own company is usually considering knowing concerning the handiest remedy despite the fact that regarding antibiotics. While i am in their eyes We've hurt that's untolerable. Hence, there after I have to set off these to maintain fulfilled. Is there an internet site . of which addresses such a trouble?

Kem Bryan
07/22/2013 07:28

I saw video on You Tube about IC and Lyme disease. I have both as well as celiac sprue. I am interested in knowing about the most effective pain relief while on antibiotics. When I am on them I have pain that is untolerable. So, then I have to go off them to stay sane. Do you have a website that addresses this type of issue?

Dee LaRosh
09/14/2013 21:25

Kem..just read your post and this is very important information. Make sure that either you or your pharmacist is checking to make sure there is not any gluten in your perscriptive medications. You can check the GlutenFreedruglist.com to see if yours is on the list. Many times people are taking gluten out of their diet but forgetting that they may be ingesting it through their medications. This causes inflamation and then horrific burning. If you have Hashimotoes thyroid disease, a molocule of gluten is just like a molocule of thyroid and so your body sends out a attack response to it causeing this war within.
God bless

10/18/2013 14:13

email me at drmelaniebarton@gmail.com and we can discuss this in detail. Dr. Melanie

10/18/2013 11:02

I need help, I have interstitial cystitis and I'm doing that does not effect a cure. My life has changed .. and I am suffering so much. Who can I contact?

10/18/2013 11:59

Sara, I am sorry you are going through it. email me at drmelaniebarton@gmail.com. We can then talk in detail. Dr. Melanie

Rebecca Taylor
10/28/2013 06:21

Hi Dr. Melanie,
I just listened to your interview with Ruth Kriz. I have had IC now for three years. I am really desperate to find some help with this. I am missing so much precious time with my two children. What would be your first recommendation in finding help? Basically, what would you personally do as a first step? I am a gardener and have spent a lot of time in the woods in both WA state and NC where I currently reside. I do not ever remember ever having a tick bite or classic rash, but the summer that I got two unusual bladder infections, ( the second of which I just never got over) I had what I assume was yet another case of poison oak. Any and all advice would so greatly appreciated.

Thank You so much for your show,
Rebecca Taylor

04/21/2014 03:53

just read your current post IN ADDITION TO This can be very keys to press information. Remember to The idea either you or your own pharmacist is checking to be sure there\'s zero gluten Utilizing your perscriptive medications. You will check ones GlutenFreedruglist.com to be able to watch if yours will be to the list.

04/21/2014 07:02

My spouse and i noticed online video you Conduit regarding IC as well as Lyme ailment. I have the two in addition to celiac sprue. My business is considering knowing regarding the most efficient remedy even though about antibiotics. When i 'm to them I have ache which is untolerable. Thus, after that I have to go off these phones keep satisfied. Are there a website that addresses this sort of problem?

05/18/2014 05:30

By which more could any individual be given in which style of info such a great method of producing? Awesome article, Many thanks lots designed for some other excellent content. I’ve any presentation down the road, along with I’m around the search out such a info. thanks….

05/18/2014 20:55

The lady educated nursing for quite some time from LPNs to help Masters levels Registered nurse Providers along with within 2005 opened the girl exercise within Wa, DC to assist IC affected individuals. Together with employing broth way of life final results, she address frustrated immune function, healthy eating plan, along with underlying attacks which damage this bladder wall structure along with depress immune function.


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