Seamus Norgaard has an MS in Environmental Studies, is a life coach, spiritual guide, author, peace activist, and college professor who has lived and studied with the native peoples of Ireland and the American West. He is a strong carrier of the Celtic Spirit, and the originator of the new shamanic movement meditations “Celtic Body Prayers.” During the winter Seamus teaches innovative history, personal growth and healing classes at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. His classes include “Celts & Nature”, “Nonviolent Activism”, “Sustainable Living”, and “Culture & Myth: Quest for the Grail”, which utilizes the Grail legend as a personal wisdom tale, employing shamanic journeying and story-telling techniques for personal growth and healing. During the summers Seamus hosts “guest sojourners” out to his Tara’s Meadow Retreat Center on beautiful Beaver Island in north Lake Michigan, where he offers a variety of services. He can be reached at www.CelticBodyPrayers.com.

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