Udo Erasmus is a passionate writer, scientist, lecturer, and a powerful voice among nutritionists and natural healers worldwide. His journey toward becoming an internationally-renowned authority on fats, oils and human health began when he was accidentally poisoned while working with pesticides. After conventional medicine proved ineffective, he turned to research in nutrition for answers. He wrote Fats and Oils stating that essential fatty acids needed to be unrefined and free from chemicals and additives in order to serve the human body. He outlined the value of essential fatty acids, and introduced specially formulated oils that provide the body with a blend of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. Using organically grown seeds from flax and other plants, Udo developed processes that didn't strip these fatty acids of their natural value to health. Udo Oils’ benefits include better mental clarity, stamina, motor coordination, immune system function, and much more.

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Overcoming insurmountable odds


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