Vicki Poole is the volunteer Development Director of the Alliance Education’s Laptop Program. This is her second year as Director and Technician of this growing program. Her job is to acquire donated laptops, and repair, if necessary, or update them so that the college graduate students in Kenya have a tool for completing their work and education. In Kenya, students are not allowed entry into colleges or universities until they have completed a computer course. The cost of this course, per student, is approximately $620. So for the students at Mercy Home, a computer lab is the only chance of getting into higher education, unless they have a sponsor. Mercy Home’s broader plan is to teach the computer course to other local students who live close, therefore generating some revenue by charging them a reasonable fee. Those who travel to Kenya will deliver, each year, as many laptops as they can carry. To donate a laptop go to www.alliance-education.org.

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