We may be close to finding a definitive test for diagnosing Lyme disease and one researcher now a nurse practitioner has found a particular protozoon present in Lyme patients that also have Interstitial Cystitis. Find out what research is being done by Lyme Research Alliance and what the protozoon is and how to treat it.
Are you living with chronic pain or a debilitating condition? Dr. Maggie Phillips will address the unresolved trauma held in the body contributing to pain and Dr. Joyce Hawkes will tell us how our bodies can heal at the cellular level.
Dr. Deanna Minich will discuss her book Quantum Supplements: A Total Health and Wellness Makeover with Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs and share with us what supplements we need to be totally healthy. Ruth LovettSmith will tell us about her website www.bestallergysites.com a resource to find Safe Allergy-free foods.
Empowering people to take charge of their life either through fitness exercise or yoga can be exhilarating and calming all at the same time. Find out if either of these methods is right for you.