Basic rights for women and girls are of major importance to the entire world. Females bear an unjust burden and this must change for the benefit of all people. We must act as one voice to change global policies and global wills so that gender justice and the end to poverty can be achieved. Education is the only answer, not just for the women and girls in third world countries but for the population of the world. Learn how is doing just that.
Do you wonder who can really tend to your whole body needs and not farm you out to a specialist to tend to each symptom? Then you need to see a Naturopathic physician. Dr. Olsen will inform us how his approach can assist our body find the root cause and to heal using botanicals and homeopathic medicines. Then Sherry Saturno will educate us about Mental Health Awareness month and how we can help improve our mental health and our loved ones.
Placing a loved one in a skilled nursing facility or long term care is never an easy decision, but often must be made quickly based on availability. Hear what it is like for the administrator, nursing home social worker, and family member of a resident in a nursing home setting.
“Social Work Matters” is the theme for March 2012’s Social Work Month. The jobs social workers preform cover a multitude of areas. This week we will focus on what Hospice workers Samira Beckwith and author Mary Raymer do.
Anorexia and bulimia are life-threatening eating disorder conditions that require both medical and mental health intervention. Tune in to find out where you can get help for yourself or a loved one.
Al-anon is celebrating 60 years of existence. Hear how it has evolved from wives drinking coffee in kitchens while their husbands attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in living rooms to a worldwide fellowship. Listen to a woman’s Al-anon journey from chaos to serenity.
Do you wonder how to distinguish between your child’s cold or an allergy? Dr. Chiaro will inform you. Elizabeth Ami will tell us how to calm infants with infant massage.
Often moms do not know what babies’ cries mean and just feed them. That can lead to obesity and other problems. Infants equate satisfaction and comfort with eating. Then as an adult when weight is an issue depriving themselves of food feels unsatisfying so return to old habits and gain more. Losing weight is an inside job. Listen as Elizabeth Ami and Lauriel Runyan discuss this topic with Dr. Melanie.
Children can pull at our heartstrings when we see them suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally, or lack the essentials needed for learning. How does going to daycare affect a child and the parents? How do you know if you have selected the right one? If you saw an environment where children had no books to learn from, what would you do? Listen to this program to have these questions answered. Guests on the show: Valeria BartonRoman Fontenont and Carol Kresge.
Are you a baby boomer who has the responsibility of deciding what to do with your ailing parents? Should they move in with you? Should they go into a facility? Who should make the decision? All these dilemmas cause great consternation. You need Barbara Morris, an expert when it comes to moving seniors to either downsize, reconfigure a present home, or coordinate a move to a long term facility. She will answer your questions. 
Call 1-866-613-1612 at 2pm EST.

Show Information and Resources:
  • The web site for the National Association of Senior Move Managers is
  • You can reach Smooth Transitions at for either where the locations are, how to order a Moving for Seniors workbook, learn about starting a senior move management business and NASMM connections.

A couple of books that might be useful:
  • No Ordinary Move: Relocating Your Aging Parents by Barbara Z. Perman and Jim Ballard
  • The Grief Recovery Handbook The action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses by John W. James and Russell Friedman
  • Moving for Seniors  A step-by-step workbook by Barbara H. Morris(when to downsize, where to move, what to move, how to keep it simple, tips for adult children)