Are you a baby boomer who has the responsibility of deciding what to do with your ailing parents? Should they move in with you? Should they go into a facility? Who should make the decision? All these dilemmas cause great consternation. You need Barbara Morris, an expert when it comes to moving seniors to either downsize, reconfigure a present home, or coordinate a move to a long term facility. She will answer your questions. 
Call 1-866-613-1612 at 2pm EST.

Show Information and Resources:
  • The web site for the National Association of Senior Move Managers is
  • You can reach Smooth Transitions at for either where the locations are, how to order a Moving for Seniors workbook, learn about starting a senior move management business and NASMM connections.

A couple of books that might be useful:
  • No Ordinary Move: Relocating Your Aging Parents by Barbara Z. Perman and Jim Ballard
  • The Grief Recovery Handbook The action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses by John W. James and Russell Friedman
  • Moving for Seniors  A step-by-step workbook by Barbara H. Morris(when to downsize, where to move, what to move, how to keep it simple, tips for adult children)

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