Libby Matthews married with two daughters, Laura 17, and Anna 14. Since 2009 Libby’s been advocating for her daughter Laura and other individuals diagnosed with a tick-borne illness. When Laura was six years old three ticks bit her while playing in her Birmingham back yard. Despite the absence of a rash, Laura developed numerous symptoms over the next ten years. She was mis-diagnosed many times. When 15, Laura and her mom noticed that she was losing her ability to grasp a pencil, hold a door open, or pull down a paper towel. She also experienced episodes of “blanking out,” without losing consciousness. After taking Laura to a neurologist who diagnosed epilepsy, Libby knew all the symptoms were somehow connected. It was then Libby sought medical attention for Laura out of state. Many tests confirmed the diagnosis of tick-borne infections and the explanation for her symptoms. Laura’s immune system was severely depleted by Babesiosis, Bartonella, and Lyme disease.

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