Erin Huggins is a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Metabolic Typing advisor, guided meditation practitioner and PSYCH-K facilitator. Her unique fusion of “mind-body motivation” allows each client to create a winning mindset. By shifting your awesome mental power, this daredevil proves that maintaining your perfect body and healthy lifestyle is really quite simple. In 2008 Erin started spreading her “radical health, wealth and happiness” message to a global audience via online video, tele-classes and exclusive one-on-one coaching. She’s been featured in Shape Magazine, Pilates Style, The Los Angeles Times, KNBC, USA Network’s Character Road Trip, SheKnows.com, MindBodyGreen.com, Splash LA and Chill Out LA. Erin has benefited from her work with Rita Soman using the Psych K technique. She will talk about that process.

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