Jack Miles, retired Olympian gymnast was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1993. In ‘55 he was named to the Pan-American Olympic Team and in ‘56 to the U. S. Olympic squad. He was an integral part of Florida State University’s competitive team that won five NCAA and AAU championships in the 1950’s. He was an All-American and a member of the first Florida College or University sports team to win a National Team title. Jack invented and performed the “whippet” on the flying rings. He founded the Florida Gymnastics Association. He coached Ron Galimore, the first African-American to make the USA Olympic Gymnastics team. He acted as a stunt man, a stand double for Frank Sinatra, Tony Randall, Jaime Farr, Andy Williams, and William Shatner. He had small parts in Gentle Ben. Flipper, Car 54 Where Are You, and The Defenders as well as several movies like Lady in Cement and Tony Roma. He’s been a stand-up comic and is an author. He lives in Florida with his wife Nancy.

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