Julie Diver a champion of women who possesses an entrepreneurial business savvy that has enabled her to build three businesses that support women’s physical and emotional strength and accomplishments. She developed AMFightClub.com to help today’s busy women reach their fitness goals. AMFightClub.com is a broadband gym, an online workout program, and an internet fitness program that is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life. As a mixed-martial arts sensi, a four-time black belt, and a certified instructor in several areas of health and fitness, she’s won many competitions and utilizes this experience by teaching many different in-person fitness programs. She dedicates hours each day to personally connecting with clients and encouraging them to continue to keep themselves strong, healthy, and active and to set daily goals and celebrate themselves and their accomplishments. By participating in my programs, women are empowered to move the world

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Shaping our bodies while positively impacting our minds


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