Glutathione is a small protein produced naturally in our cells. It functions as an immune system booster and fights off the damage of free radicals on the cells. After age 20 the level of this protein decreases by 10 -15 % for every decade of our lives. If you have a low glutathione level, you are susceptible to chronic illness. Stress can lower the levels. Glutathione is needed for a well-functioning immune system. A weakened system hampers the production of this protein. Learn how Max International has created a product that contains the specific building blocks of glutathione, but also contains key nutrients that aid in absorption of these building blocks into the body. Listen how this product and others that the company makes have positively impacted the lives of these two hosts and those they touch.
There are differences men and women’s health issues. Find out what they are and what research is exploring them. We will also hear from a woman who successfully conquers the limitations of having Interstitial Cystitis.
What is in-patient treatment for an eating disorder like? From the initial assessment to aftercare there is a design and an individualized plan for maintaining recovery. Remove the fear from not knowing what to expect. If you or someone you care about binges and purges, exercises beyond exhaustion, or starves him or herself, please listen to this life-saving episode. You will also hear the success story of someone who learned to manage her eating in a healthy way through Overeater’s Anonymous.
It is a new year and time to get healthier. Metagenics, Inc. a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company partners with a patient’s health practitioner to improve chronic conditions using an individualized plan. The body is not the only part of us that needs attention. Our spirits do also. Working with a Spiritual Director can guide us to develop and deepen our connection to the Divine. Working on both the body and the spirit can hasten our healing. Learn how these two tools can help you.