When we reach out through intention, love, and imagination we can experience connections with people we will never meet. The energy of compassion and love generated this way is like a massively focused prayer set in motion that raises both giver and receiver. When two souls come together the entire human population moves up a notch in conscious listening. Find out how all this relates to the New Metaphysics and how to feel and understand love attraction.
Have you tried all the medical and psychotherapy modalities to solve your physical and mental health issues and still keep coming up short? Then try something different. PSYCH K is a non-invasive brain-changing method to change your unconscious beliefs and a Crystal John of God Bed is an energizing and healing process that involves lying on a massage table with lights directed at your main chakra areas. Receive the healing energies while listening to this episode.
Words are roots for all thoughts. What one thinks affects what one believes. What you believe affects your attitude. One’s attitude affects the person actions. How one acts influences relationships with others. Words can generate either positive or negative emotional energy. One word can affect the emotions, and can biochemically change the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and digestion in a fraction of a second. The book Change to a Positive Mindset and Extend your Lifeline will introduce you to 11 ways to positively energize your brain and body. It will teach you how to write to train your brain to drain the pain caused by emotional stress.
This is a ground breaking tool called: WhatsMyM3, that has been medically proven to screen for depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. The 3-minute screening can be taken online, at your doctor’s office, on your iTunes app, or on a Droid app. Find out all about it and where to get it.
Discover how to heal common ailments using food, flower essences, power animals, affirmations, visualizations, and meditation. Learn where to access a food and spirit and a HAAPPI.me (Human Awareness Personal Potential Indicator) assessment to determine what areas of your life are affected by food.