Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) started in 1935 and has grown immensely throughout its lifetime. Since the founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob started AA it has inspired other groups to form like Gamblers Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous. In this episode you will learn about some of the history and traditions of AA, and some things about its founders. You will get a new perception of AA while listening to my intern, Joseph Anglim interview Mike Fitzpatrick.
It is estimated one in every five or six women have sexual pain. It is hard to talk about even with a physician. Many women do not tell anyone. Gynecologists are often not experienced in treating sexual pain and are often uncomfortable talking about it. Sexual pain is real and is almost always caused by an identifiable, verifiable medical condition, and in the vast majority it can be treated effectively. Listen to learn how and read these women’s newly published book Healing Painful Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain that will answer your questions.
IC affects so many areas and people in the patient’s life. Loved ones suffer not knowing how to help. Children of IC/Pelvic Pain patients grow up missing the normal activities that other families take for granted. Sports events, traveling, or shopping all require more energy and bathroom stops for the patient than the family can tolerate. The family learns to go without the person or to just all stay home. Intimacy between partners becomes strained or non-existent due to painful sex. Tony Tyler new ICA Board member will tell us what it is like to have a dad with IC. Amy Stein, M.P.T author of Heal Pelvic Pain will tell us how sexual pain can be lessened or alleviated through physical therapy.
Sexual addiction is rising in the ranks to epidemic portions. If you or someone you love has this obsession help is available. Listen to find out what you can do. Hear how a therapist’s treats it and how an addict works a recovery program. Listen as guest Deborah Schiller discusses this issue.
Sexual predators do not look frightening. They infiltrate places where children are easily accessible. Churches are not exempt. Listen for ways to protect your church from such a tragedy. Find out how to avoid financial ruin when victims sue the church organization and its individual leaders for the damage done to them.

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Safeguarding our children Helps educate parents and children of the dangers of sexual abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse of America builds awareness and provides education through 39 state chapters

From Darkness to Light a public awareness and adult education campaign advocating adult responsibility for the prevention of child sexual abuse

National Children’s Alliance

Bsafe Online

Common Sense Media

United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuaries 1-888-266-7642

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Safe Church Policy for the Alabama-Northwest Florida Region 
Thirty-seven percent of ministers are addicted to pornography. Are you one of them? Have you or someone you know been involved in a sexual relationship with a minister? Listen in to find out about the different types of clergy sexual misconduct and whether ministers can recover or not. Discover what help is available to those have been targeted and their family members as well as the family members of the addicted minister. Guest host Ken Wells of Psychological Counseling Services (PCS) will discuss these issues with Dr. Melanie.