Everywhere you go today you hear some group adopting or adapting the “12 Steps” as a self-help guide to recovery for some addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, or relationships. This program is about the origin of the Twelve Steps, what they mean, and how to work them. Dr. Melanie Barton, psychotherapist and a person familiar with recovery issues will share with the listening audience an inside look at these well-known, but often unexplained guides to recovery for a variety of addictions.

Download The 12 Steps.doc research paper.
Have you had an emotional issue that seems to loom up into your life and not go away? Have all the traditional psychotherapy methods failed to eradicate this problem? Do you seek to understand the issues underlying a physical challenge or illness? Our bodies are made up of energy. When something happens to us, the memory of that is locked in our cells. It will re-surface when we have triggers that remind us of the event. We need healing at the cellular level. Find out how that can be done with my guest host David Todd.
Have you had the unfortunate experience of taking care of one of your family members while still trying to deal
with children, job, marriage, and pets? It is stressful. Listen to learn tips to make the task easier and streamlined. Robin Pearson, experienced caretaker of mother, father, mother-in-law, and sister will share what she has learned.

Checklist for Taking Care Of Loved Ones in the Sandwich Generation
In today’s hectic world everyone needs a simple non-medical technique to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is the answer. Listen to learn what meditation is, what types there are, who can do it, and then participate in doing one.

Meditation Resource document downloads
Body Scan Meditation Radio
Meditation for Ridding Compulsive Behavior
Connecting with our Higher Power
Meditation for Lunch
Cleansing Breaths to Prepare for Meditation
Episode 10 Meditation Script
Around the country many people are living in below poverty conditions. We as a country can help one another and in the process we are changed for the better. Listen to Garth Duke-Barton share the history of the mission work called Oconee Outreach Opportunity. Be inspired hearing how people worked together crossing economic, racial, and cultural barriers. Find out how you can be part of such a project or how you can start one in your community.