People for a variety of reasons can become almost addicted to substances. Once they make the decision to change that behavior they can alter their life direction. People who have cancer can have a positive effect on their condition using various psychological approaches. The mind is a powerful tool which has the ability to help a body heal, create conditions, or worsen them.
Are you looking for a meaningful relationship with food? Do you want to find a fresh approach to eating that encompasses not just food but the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects as well? Author Deanna Minich, PhD nutritionist has a new program Peel & Heal that will answer these questions. Are you gluten-intolerant and struggle to find fast, friendly, and tasty meals? Gretchen F. Brown, R.D. author of Fast & Simple Gluten-free will solve that problem for you.
When a parent gets sick the children no matter what age often become caregivers putting their own lives on hold. When a child is unruly the parent has to keep the emotions out of the equation and help the offspring find inner self-control. Both of these type situations can be very stressful for all involved. This show will explore the journey of what it is like to have a parent with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and Life-Ki-do will give you four original tools to empower children with critical skills that they need to thrive today and into adulthood.
Once a week the students in the School of The Arts and Sciences gather in a Writing Workshop to write, discuss, dissect, and further develop stories, poems, and essays. They learn to appreciate others’ writing as well as practice the development of their own.  Writing only gets better and better as it goes through a process.  In a positive and encouraging environment they begin to trust their own creative ability and to express it more easily. Hear what the students think about creative writing and how their teacher is inspired to develop their skills and abilities.