The Dr. Melanie Show is going through a growth spurt. Intuitively, the new Marketing Director Christine Mattern along with Dr. Melanie will present a plan for expanded services for you listeners. Get to know Christine. Listen also how Celtic Body Prayers are something you cannot orchestrate, but are individually and intuitively experienced.
Environmental toxins and emotional events can affect our minds and bodies in a variety of negative ways. We need to cleanse our body of these poisons through one or a combination of many methods. Some have overcome ADHD, Lyme, or other health conditions. Learn how it might be done.
Sleep is essential to function. When sleep and work are interrupted by pain the result is a cycle of more pain and less sleep. Research found 100% of the four hundred and seven women with Interstitial Cystitis who participated in the sleep disruption study had poor sleep. Learn about that study and hear how one woman has managed to work the last twenty-two years since her diagnosis.
Healing and forgiveness come in many forms. It may be through touch, psychotherapy, music, art, or spirituality. The method is not as important as to what happens to our bodies and souls when we block the process. Children are often more perceptive and open to emotional healing than adults. Many of them see, know, and connect with their guardian angels. We can learn from our children, but also from nurses who do healing touch, and from light workers who connect us with our own guardian angels. Listen to find out how you can tap into these resources. Learn from Jenn Prothero and Marian Long as they discuss this topic with Dr. Melanie.