Violence affects all of us. The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in December of 2012 shook us all to the core. It reminded us that what we hold precious can be taken from us in a millisecond. Jeanine Jones social worker and domestic violence expert will educate us about how to recognize the traits of an abuser. Winston Johnson Director of Prevention Intervention Services for Hartford Connecticut Public Schools will inform us about how school social workers are being trained to recognize and to avert such tragedies.
Social workers serve in a variety of capacities from a statistician studying trends in the social work labor force to a public figure on a reality television show. Dr. Tracy Whitaker addresses the information gap and strengthens the link between science and service (research and practice). Psychotherapist Mark Gaynor goes where others fear to tread entering the homes of animal hoarders enduring the stench and the filth to offer a helping hand to freedom from their obsessions. Learn how they help others.
What happens to those people who have medical and mental health needs but do not have the funds to pay for them? Who helps them? Velma Stevens works with those diagnosed with Sickle Cell and Mark Lazarus works with the homeless many of whom lack the basic necessities of life. Hear how these two social workers are making a difference in the lives of disenfranchised people.
Social Workers wear a variety of hats. Some teach, head agencies, write policies, work in hospitals, nursing homes, or for the government. Some social workers treat individuals, families, and groups to help the clients solve their problems and become self-sufficient. You may not be aware how many times a week a social worker has helped you. Throughout March, Social Work month you will learn about the variety of jobs they perform.