Healers come in many forms. The practitioner may do Reiki, or be a medical intuitive, or talk to spirit guides. The person may just help you adjust to a chronic illness that will not be alleviated. That is what hospital chaplain Richard Cheu does. Lisa Brown-Tarves uses her hands, her mind, and her intuition to help her clients to heal from their mental and physical conditions. Both have much to teach us. Let us be their students.
Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to turn us in a different direction. Shirley D. Minter-Smith went from obese to bodybuilder. T.C. Hale went from no voice to being the voice celebrities seek for nutritional direction. Hear their respective journeys and be inspired to change the direction of your life.
It is Valentine’s Day, the time to show love to others. It is also time to love your own body. Learn how what you eat and drink and how you relate to others can help your heart be healthy. The correct chiropractic care can positively affect how you feel. Incorporate these tips into your life as a Valentine’s present to yourself.
Are you searching for spiritual enlightenment? Follow Wahido Marata’s search and success. Do you want to market get your book, program, or concept? Then Francine Silverman can help you.