Have you or someone you know been bitten by a tick? Did you know you don’t have to have a rash to be infected and that ticks carry a whole host of bacteria and parasites? Listen to two women’s journeys, Libby Matthews and Liz Schmitz  to raise public awareness that this disease exists in Southeastern United States.
Holistic treatments have been used around the world for centuries to help heal illnesses. Why not have a day to celebrate it around the globe? Now there is such a day on October 2nd. Learn how you can start your own Worldwide Holistic Day celebration in your town. Listen as guest Lu Pierro discusses this topic. People more and more want chemically free-environmentally-safe products and services. Now there is a directory of these resources called Green City Listings. Find out how to get a copy of the directory and how to add some entries to the book on this episode with guest Helena Speights.
Interstitial Cystitis has been inconsistently defined and treated by many physicians and other health practitioners. Now there are much needed American Urology Association guidelines to properly diagnose and treat this condition. Dr Burks will discuss these guidelines. Often IC was thought to be only a bladder disease that women get. We think of women with chronic pain as having hysterical roots. But what do we think of men with chronic pain? Do we think of them as weak-willed and as drug seekers or as hypochondriacs? Listen to one Edward Lopatin's journey of coming to accept his condition as incurable, but livable.
Sexual addiction is rising in the ranks to epidemic portions. If you or someone you love has this obsession help is available. Listen to find out what you can do. Hear how a therapist’s treats it and how an addict works a recovery program. Listen as guest Deborah Schiller discusses this issue.