People who have Interstitial Cystitis or Pelvic Pain may be able to heal without surgery. Listen to Amy Stein, M.P.T author of Heal Pelvic Pain tell us how it might be done.
In the Baby Boom Generation more people are living longer and having to make adjustments in their living situation. How to know when to downsize, where to move, what to move, how to keep it simple, and tips for the adult children coordinating all this is the subject of this program. Barbara H. Morris is the guest host. She is well-experienced with more than 16 years of helping countless seniors with their household downsizing and estate dispersal projects.
People who have Interstitial Cystitis or Chronic Prostatitis may not be aware how food can affect their pain symptoms. Listen to Dr. Barbara Shorter, a researcher who has studied the effects of foods on bladder pain flares.
Sexual predators do not look frightening. They infiltrate places where children are easily accessible. Churches are not exempt. Listen for ways to protect your church from such a tragedy. Find out how to avoid financial ruin when victims sue the church organization and its individual leaders for the damage done to them.

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Safeguarding our children Helps educate parents and children of the dangers of sexual abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse of America builds awareness and provides education through 39 state chapters

From Darkness to Light a public awareness and adult education campaign advocating adult responsibility for the prevention of child sexual abuse

National Children’s Alliance

Bsafe Online

Common Sense Media

United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuaries 1-888-266-7642

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Safe Church Policy for the Alabama-Northwest Florida Region