What happens when you get four empowered healers all on the same show? Magic! Tune in to feel your energy soar and to begin your own healing process. Then join us this summer for the conference in Tallahassee, Florida where all four will be present and work on participants.
How does one survive polio and raise three children, hold down a job, and keep a marriage alive and well? Linda Christianson in her book All the Steps I Have Taken: Then and Now tells us how. How do you survive your promotion? Edward Lopatin has done it, written about it in his book by the same title, and will tell us how to do it.
One child in every 88 has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to the CDC. It is five times more common in boys than girls. Most children are not diagnosed until age 4. How do these children function in the school setting and how do parents handle the stress while caring for them? Learn about a girl’s tools for coping from Kari Dunn Buron author of Adalyn’s Clare and listen to one mother tell what it is like to have a 25 year old adult child with Asperger’s.
Gary Blier and Katrina Starzhynskaya both were diagnosed with incurable diseases. Gary found holistic practitioners that cured him and trained him. Implementing those combined theories he developed Advanced Cell Training to teach other people’s bodies to overcome disease. Katrina, a holistic practitioner herself would not accept that her Lyme disease diagnosis was incurable. Using alternative treatments along with Gary Blier’s Advanced Cell Training program she is now healthy. Find out how to heal your own body.
Life-Ki-do gives four original tools to empower children with critical skills that they need to thrive today and into adulthood. Self-Development Wisdom Institutes encourages all teenagers to choose to stimulate their human mind energies so they can reason out things on their own.