Six out of every ten people have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There is a way to treat it without medication and possibly see results in sixty days. Many people carry their parents’ issues into their own adult life. Learn how to let go of those and obtain personal peace. Listen as guests Nicky VanValkenburgh and Dr Kenneth Herman discusses these issues.
What does a Floridian African American male pastor, a Montgomery, Alabama female pastor/author, and a California African American female ordained minister/stress management/holistic life coach/spiritual mentor all have in common? They each heard God’s unique call to ministry. They are all passionate about what they do. How does someone get the call? What has each of these ministers been called to do? Come hear their stories from guests Derrick Lamar SmithDr. Susan Diamond, and Dr. Cheryl Price.
Do you wonder if there could be an easier answer to treating your pain? Have you ever considered compounding medications? Do you have pain management questions about your condition that no doctor has been able to answer? Then call in 1-866-472-5792 at noon Central time/1pm EST/10 AM PT July 14 to The Dr Melanie Show and tell us what you want to know. Guests for the show: Dr. Joshi and Lee Stewart.
Children can pull at our heartstrings when we see them suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally, or lack the essentials needed for learning. How does going to daycare affect a child and the parents? How do you know if you have selected the right one? If you saw an environment where children had no books to learn from, what would you do? Listen to this program to have these questions answered. Guests on the show: Valeria BartonRoman Fontenont and Carol Kresge.