Placing a loved one in a skilled nursing facility or long term care is never an easy decision, but often must be made quickly based on availability. Hear what it is like for the administrator, nursing home social worker, and family member of a resident in a nursing home setting.
“Social Work Matters” is the theme for March 2012’s Social Work Month. The jobs social workers preform cover a multitude of areas. This week we will focus on what Hospice workers Samira Beckwith and author Mary Raymer do.
March is Social Work month. Occupations vary widely amongst the men and women who have earned their Masters in Social Work degree. Being a therapist and a researcher are just two facets of what they can do. Dr. LeslieBeth Wish will share her research about women and their relationships. Mary Pender Greene will describe the techniques she uses working with couples. The show content will amaze and surprise you.
Find out how to create your own personal experiment to make a miracle happen. Lynn Woodland says that miracle-making goes beyond intentional manifestation and spontaneous healing. Miracles take us beyond our thinking. It is a direct experience of God energy that changes us. Find out how to do it and listen to one man’s story of how it worked for him.
Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, though sometimes we need to employ the proper guidance to do so. Advanced Cell Training™ teaches self-help methods via teleconferences instructing you in ways to train your autonomic systems (including your immune system) to perform optimally. Find out how chronic illness can be eliminated and complete health attained.