Sometimes healing comes while we are still breathing and sometimes it is after our last breath leaves us. Are you blocking your own healing? Do you know how to tune into your intuitive self to guide you to wholeness? Hospice nurse Becki Hawkins will share stories of her visits with patients and Dr. Susan Allison will impart to us how we can remove blockages that impede our healing.
When life takes an unexpected turn you find the familiar no longer applies. Dr. Eric Pearl had an encounter with a fortune teller on a beach one day that changed his life forever. As a result, he now helps people heal. He will tell you how you can do it too. Robin Clare, a sane Jewish person, starting channeling Yeshua (Jesus) of all people. As a result, she discovered her Messiah within. Discover how you can heal yourself and others and find that Messiah within you.
Listening to our inner voice and exploring our emotions and body’s sensations can connect us to our true essence. Ma’yun Tanner will tell us how she found her inner voice and followed it. Peter Fairfield will discuss what is involved in the journey toward spiritual peace and inner contentment that comes from a deepening connection to our inner being.
Whether you have pesticide poisoning or late stage prostate cancer the outcome is pretty grim. Neither Dr. Udo Erasmus nor Dave Ames idly waited for nature to take its course. They researched, experimented, and conquered their diagnoses. Find out how they did it.