Have you been told there is no cure for cancer? Then listen to these two guests tell you of some amazing treatments that work.
The Max International Corporation is the maker of pharmaceutical grade supplements. Their CELLGEVITY provides the proper nutrients needed to enhance the body’s ability to manufacture and absorb Glutathione creating energy, helping your body utilize oxygen, improving mental concentration, getting restorative sleep, detoxifying the cells and organs, reducing oxidative stress, decreasing inflammation, and much more. Max N-Fuze features antioxidants that neutralize free radicals before they can harm cells, giving you persistent cellular protection. Max ATP assists the body in supplying cellular Adenosine triphosphate, the energy fuel of the body and increasing Glutathione production. The results are more, sustained energy during high stress exercise and faster muscle and joint recovery. The company is looking to develop the business around the globe. Do you want to be a part of that expansion? Listen and contact Dr. Melanie to join in this entrepreneurial endeavor.
Much has been written about The Law of Attraction utilizing visualization but now Dr. David Che explains it thoroughly and simply. Addiction is most often addressed using the 12 Steps, but Joanna Johnson uses her Native American traditional visualization to maximize positive results.
Women need to know the signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome and know when to get help. People need to know how to recognize, treat, and when to get medical help for mold exposure. This episode will educate you on both of these topics.