Often moms do not know what babies’ cries mean and just feed them. That can lead to obesity and other problems. Infants equate satisfaction and comfort with eating. Then as an adult when weight is an issue depriving themselves of food feels unsatisfying so return to old habits and gain more. Losing weight is an inside job. Listen as Elizabeth Ami and Lauriel Runyan discuss this topic with Dr. Melanie.
Exercise does not have to be a chore. Exercising with someone improves your chances of sticking with it. Research shows how exercise helps the body age slower. Listen to what Chelsea Garfield an owner of a fitness center says and to Dr. Michael A. Smith from Life Extension talking about the research about weight loss.
Cancer patients often do not want to talk about their illness. Dr. Rabbi Ed Weinsberg prostate cancer survivor and Kathleen O’Keefe two-time cancer survivor not only talk about it, but believe the patient must be educated and utilize his or her intuition. Listen to their stories.
IC affects so many areas and people in the patient’s life. Loved ones suffer not knowing how to help. Children of IC/Pelvic Pain patients grow up missing the normal activities that other families take for granted. Sports events, traveling, or shopping all require more energy and bathroom stops for the patient than the family can tolerate. The family learns to go without the person or to just all stay home. Intimacy between partners becomes strained or non-existent due to painful sex. Tony Tyler new ICA Board member will tell us what it is like to have a dad with IC. Amy Stein, M.P.T author of Heal Pelvic Pain will tell us how sexual pain can be lessened or alleviated through physical therapy.
Psych K technique might be the shortcut to removing the blockages in your subconscious mind that hold you back from you performing at your highest potential. Listen in as guests Rita Soma and Erin Huggins discuss this technique with Dr. Melanie.